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Cap style guide

A cap is a basic accessory that goes with everything, today we wear a cap wherever we go. Whether for sports, leisure or occasional work, the cap is accepted in almost all walks of life. However not all hats are suitable for all people and for all occasions.

We share with you some style tips:

Trucker caps
Trucker caps have their origin in American baseball. They served to protect themselves from the sun and their color made it clear which team the players belong to. Later, Americans discovered the cap as a practical alternative to classic hats. The trend didn’t come to Germany until the 1970s. Rap stars discovered the cap as a fashion statement for themselves. However not only young people quickly joined this fashionable garment. Older men have also realized how practical it is to cover light hair with a cap.

This type of cap has a slightly curved brim. The front of the cap always has a bit of structure to it and is usually made of reinforced fabric or sponge. The back of the cap is always made of mesh for good breathability. In addition, it can be easily adjusted thanks to its adapter with plastic buttons. They are a trend due to their popularity among famous athletes. They can easily fit into any casual or streetwear style.

How to wear a trucker cap?

You can wear the cap as you like. Fortunately, the position of the cap is not an expression of a social or political statement. However, depending on your head shape and haircut, it is advantageous to follow a few styling rules. If you wear the cap in a classic way with the peak forward, you will have good sun protection. Put on the cap without squeezing your head. It should not be too high so that your head does not appear too long.

If you want to wear the cap with the brim backwards, you should check in the mirror that it does not make your head look too big. This is an advantage, especially for outdoor activities where the sun hits your neck. Younger men, in particular, like to wear the cap on the side. Whether the visor points to the right or to the left is a matter of personal taste.

The different models of caps

That your cap fits well in a certain position also depends on the model it is. Visually, caps look best when they don’t completely cover the ears and there isn’t too much space between the ears and the cap.

How to wear the trucker cap?

Trucker hats have a plastic mesh on the back of the head for ventilation. The beak is usually shorter. Pull it closer to the face for a streamlined effect.

What type of cap for what occasion?

Those who do not leave home without their cap should buy a variety of caps so that they can wear a suitable model for different occasions.

For sports and other leisure activities, you can wear any cap that suits your taste. While younger men like colorful models, they tend to look quite inappropriate on older men. The breathable material with UV protection is advantageous for outdoor activities.

The color of the cap should always be consistent with the rest of your clothing. This makes it look quality and the whole outfit matches perfectly.

To avoid looking pale, the color of the cap should also match your hair color and skin type. Earthy tones suit warm skin types. Cooler tones are more suitable for pale skin types. Before buying your cap, check in the mirror what effect it has on your face.

How to take care of your cap correctly?

Caps also absorb odors and sweat marks. It is important not to wash the cap in the washing machine, as it could deform the visor, the best way is to wash it by hand.

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