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Motorsports betting guide

The world of motorsports is vast and exciting, and as with any other sport, there are betting markets for the more enthusiastic that offer exciting ways to win some money. Attention to this betting guide valid for Formula One, MotoGP, Speedway, rallies and Nascar…

Whether its Formula 1MotoGPNascar, Rally racing, Speedway or the Australian SuperCars, there are sports betting markets for all fans of these sports to get into and win big.

In this motorsports betting guide, we are going to look at all the ways you can bet on the many very popular motorsports from around the world. Whether you want to bet on the winner of a racing season or on some of the intricacies of race day itself, we’ll show you how to get the most out of your motorsports knowledge.

What can I bet on in Formula 1?

When it comes to betting on Formula 1, there are many markets where you can do it. The most popular of all is the winner of the World Drivers’ Championship. This market is won by betting on the driver who will be first in the general classification at the end of the season.

Then, of course, there is the other world championship, which is decided by the final points of the Formula 1 season: the Constructors’ World Championship. Naturally, with the huge influence, the car has on the potential winner of the Drivers’ World Championship, it makes sense that the fans could be present where the constructors will also be winners. In odds to the winner of the Constructors’ World Championship, Mercedes is the leader for the 2019 season, trading at 1.25, ahead of Ferrari at 3.75.

Because Formula 1 is so popular, other competitive markets have become very popular ways for fans to predict the events of the season. In special season markets, punters can choose which driver from the top positions they think will finish better, as well as whether either will win a race or claim a podium position before the season ends.

While predictions for the end of the season in competition betting are very popular, live bets on race day are the ones that are most enjoyed by regular fans of the sport.

When the days of the races arrive, fans from all over the world begin to debate which driver will finish first. At the time of betting on the winner of the GP of that race day, two options are presented. First, the bettor can simply choose which driver he thinks will win the race, such as Hamilton winning the Russian Grand Prix.

Also motorsports bettors can give themselves a bit of wiggle room, or back an underdog in believing they will make it to the podium by betting at odds of 1-3 on the Grand Prix winner, which simply means that their selected racer can finish first, second or third to win the given odds. For example, if Max Verstappen takes first, second or third place and you are betting on the 1-3 market, you will make a profit of 2.5 on your bet.

The closer the start of Grand Prix racing days, the more markets open up, such as betting on the fastest drivers in practice and qualifying. On race day you can often find odds for finishing positions and other more intricate betting markets.

What can I bet on in MotoGP?

Motorcycle racing’s fan base continues to grow, making even more fans want to bet on the biggest championships and race days.

When it comes to competition betting, it’s not just the Motorcycle World Championship that motorcycle fans can bet on, as there are also markets for the winner of the Moto2 World Championship and the Moto3 World Championship.

In Moto3, you can bet on which rider will finish in the first position at the end of the season, with Jorge Martin leading the odds at 1.16. In Moto2 and MotoGP, you can also bet on which of the selected riders will have the best final classification.

If you prefer to bet on the race one season at a time, there is also the option to take part in the individual Grand Prix.

If you have a hunch about who will be the winner of the next MotoGP World Championship Grand Prix, go into the individual race markets. Here, you will be able to find the long list of drivers competing to win the race, which can often lead to some exciting odds.

What can I bet on in Nascar?

With such a competitive field as Nascar drivers and cars, the outright betting market has become very popular with sponsors of the sport. When you enter the winner betting market (Monster Energy Nascar Cup Championship 2018), you can bet on the driver that you think will be the winner when the season is over.

With favourites Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch, Brad Keselowski and Martin Truex Jr trading at 3.5, 4, 5.25 and 5.25 respectively, an insider could capitalize on the higher odds on offer.
If it’s the next race that gets you excited and you want to bet on a winner, then turn your attention to specific race day markets.

Similar to Formula 1 betting, Nascar fans can bet on the winner as well as the drivers they think will be in the top three.

On each Nascar Season Race page, bettors will see two columns, one headed “Winner” and one headed “(1-3).” If you are convinced that a driver will finish first, you can take advantage of the higher odds at which he will win the race. However, as anything can happen on race day, it is sometimes wiser to consider the odds on the safer 1-3 markets. As shown by the odds for the Federated Auto Parts 400, Kevin Harvick was the second favourite trading at 5 to win the race, but he too had good odds of 1.72 to finish 1-3.

What can I bet on in rally racing?

When it comes to rally racing, all fans’ eyes are drawn to the motor sport’s premier event, the World Rally Championship. Therefore, to add to the excitement of the season, fans are turning to the “2019 World Cup Champion” market.

What can I bet on speedway racing?

Not to be confused with a single race, the 2018 Speedway Grand Prix is ​​speedway racing’s most popular season. You can find markets for all the potential winners of this year’s season, with Tai Woffinden established as the favourite to claim the title at 1.4.

However, you can also get a head start and take advantage of the opening odds for the 2019 Grand Prix Speedway season. As it is, you can bet Janusz Kolodziej will finish ahead of Antonio Lindback and Niels Kristian Iversen at the end of next year’s season.

Not forgetting that you can also find odds on the winner of the coveted Swedish speedway season Elitserien 2018. Including the playoff results, you can find the Eskilstuna Smederna team trading at 1.85 to beat Dackarna, which pays 1.9.

In addition, speedway racing fans can also add another dose of excitement by watching the future stars of the sport compete in the Under-21 World Championship and betting on the winner. The 2018 Championship has a clear favourite at the odds: Maksym Drabik at 1.14.

As with most motorsports and their betting markets, you can also bet on individual race markets.

The races that make up the Speedway Grand Prix season have their own Grand Prix market for fans to put their knowledge to the test. Considering how competitive the races are, there are some very good odds to take advantage of here. For the German GP, ​​Jason Doyle and Bartosz Zmarzlik remained the favourites with a large share of 6.

What can I bet on in SuperCars?

In Australia, one of the most popular motorsports is Supercars, with the Australian Supercar Championship being the country’s premier touring car competition. Fans from Australia and around the world are flooding the markets to bet on the winner of the drivers competing in the 2018 Supercars Championship, with Shane van Gisbergen the consensus favourite at 1.5 odds this season.

Also in the sport of supercars, bettors can bet on the pair of drivers they think will win the Enduro Cup, the supercar endurance competition. The duo of Van Gisbergen and Bamber are racing at odds of 2.75 to win the 2018 Enduro Cup, with Whincup and Dumbrell leading the odds at 2.25.

The Enduro Cup also generates individual race markets for fans to bet on and follow the progress of the tournament.

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