The Best Sports to Bet on (and the Worst)

To help you answer this question, we are going to give you several tips and tricks that will help you decide which sport is most appropriate for you when it comes to betting:

Choose a sport that you dominate and enjoy

A basic trick is that the best strategy when betting is to choose a specific sport and specialize in it. If you bet as if you were throwing the lottery it can be entertaining, but do not expect to win.

Taking this into account, it will always be better to choose a sport that you like and that naturally motivates you to inform yourself and analyze its results, rules, teams and strategies; than any other just because you have more chances of success.

The reason is easy: if you are really interested in something, you will do it with more desire and greater motivation, so your knowledge and your involvement will be much greater, you will enjoy it more and you will not be so discouraged if you do not get good results at first.

Take into account the difficulty of forecasting

No matter how much you know about the sport, there are always unforeseen factors: a goal at the last minute, a fall a few kilometres from the finish line, a three-pointer at the buzzer… They are not easy to predict since whether a team wins or loses is not a matter of statistics as it happens in games of chance.

Even so, there are always sports that are easier than others when it comes to predicting a winner or a result.

For example, cycling is a difficult sport to predict, since many runners start and only one can win, and although of the 200 that start, the favourites are usually 10 or 15 (5-6, if it is a grand tour like it, could be El Tour, La Vuelta or Il Giro), but still, statistically, you still have less chance of getting it right than in sports where the variables are not five, but two.

However, in basketball, it is possible to more accurately determine who is the favourite and who is not. You only need to see, for example, the number of games each team wins in the regular phase of the ACB league.

Choose sports with only two variables

Sports, where there are only two variables (win-lose), are statistically easier to hit since those in which the third variable comes into play (the tie) have much lower chances of success. For this reason, experts recommend betting on basketball or tennis, since they are two of the most popular sports among those that only have two variables.

To give you an idea, a bet with only two variables has a 50% chance of winning, while a bet with three variables has a 33% chance of winning.

In football, despite being a very popular sport, the tie is a corrective factor that often deprives the players (bettors) of success. The total percentage of draws in football matches ranges between 27% and 35%, which means that it is not an uncommon result. And the ties negatively affect the prices of the victories above all.

In addition, football can generate many scoring chances, but the important thing is whether they materialize or not. This difficulty, however, is not reflected in the odds that assess quality, previous matches between both teams and status but do not take into account the possibility that the ball does not enter the goal.

If you still choose soccer because it is the sport that interests you the most and the one that you dominate the most, an option to have a better probability of success in basketball (the same as with tennis or basketball) is to bet on the mode called « Both will score at least one goal» / «Neither team scores». So you have a 50% chance of getting it right. Although this betting option is not always available.

In basketball and tennis,  the figure of the tie is very rare, almost non-existent. In addition, there is always a final winner, and you can bet, for a little less, who will be the winner. For this reason, sports betting is easier to hit and win, since there are only two possible outcomes and there is always a winner.

Sports with high odds and variability in live matches

The peaks that the odds reach in live matches are also very important factors to take into account.

Tennis and basketball also have in their favour that in both sports the betting odds are very high when played live. The oscillation of the odds in live matches can be very extreme, so a player can go from quoting 1.20 to 8, or vice versa.

In tennis, moreover, the results have much stronger point-to-point oscillations in tie-breaks (sudden death), since each point that one player wins is lost by the other, and sudden death can lead to the victory of a set. , that is, 50% of the match of two sets, or 33% of the match when there are 5 sets.

Another thing to keep in mind with regard to live betting is that in basketball the results of each team’s score can vary greatly since every 30 seconds at most one of them can score a goal. This implies that although one team is beating the other by 10 points, the other can come back quite easily and quickly with three good attacking plays and three defending ones.

However, in soccer scoring goals is not so easy since the pace of the matches is slower. This implies that two points above the marker can be a difficult obstacle for the opponent to overcome.

Better if they are popular

Soccer, basketball, tennis, rugby and American football, golf and even other sports not so popular in Spain such as cricket or darts are the most recommended sports when it comes to specializing and placing bets.

Horse betting is also very popular, although these are not considered sports betting as they have their own market.

The reasons why it is a better strategy to opt for one of these sports are the following:

  • You will have more betting opportunities (more matches, races, events)
  • They are broadcast much more on television and on the Internet
  • It is much easier to get information about these sports in an easy and accessible way
  • Bookmakers, whether they are online or physical bookmakers, usually offer many more betting options on these sports.

In a summary, we can conclude that the best sports to bet on are those that have two variables (win-lose), that are minimally popular and have good odds, as long as they are sports that interest you and you are willing to dedicate time and effort to them and not only with the aim of making money.

On the other hand, the worst sports to bet on are those that have many variables, those that are unpopular, with very low odds, and sports that do not motivate you enough to follow them thoroughly.

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